Virginia Defeated the Meal Tax Amendment

One of our biggest battles in the fight for American liberty is in the area of taxation. Nowhere else is the icy grip of big government felt than when they go after our wallets.

It is the left’s clever ruse to deprive us of our economic freedom. Our buying power, the ability to make the best decisions for ourselves and our families, is often manipulated by the way state and local government regulates taxes.

Make no mistake, heavy taxation is a way for the government to control what and how you buy. It is also how they fund the ever-growing machine of bloated government programs that hinder our communities’ growth rather than help it.

But for people in Fairfax Country, VA, freedom won over tyranny, as they people voted down an increased food tax.

In the contest that perhaps most directly affects them, Fairfax County residents voted down a meals tax referendum that would’ve imposed up to a 4 percent tax on prepared food and beverages.

The referendum failed 53.8 percent to 46.2 percent…

Opponents called a meals tax regressive, meaning that it isn’t distributed based on income. They worried that it would hurt the restaurant industry as well as lower-income consumers when coupled with an already existing 6 percent sales tax, which predominantly goes to the state rather than the county. (Fairfax Times)

Punishing small businesses in order to help other areas of government is obviously counter-productive. It is a textbook case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Whenever we see government raise taxes, be it in the food industry or other parts of the retail world, local stores and restaurants suffer the most.

They claim big businesses, like chain restaurants, can survive the tax hike. But they ignore the many locally-owned restaurants, food trucks, and beverage providers that sustain our communities. Many jobs are hurt and even lost from seemingly small tax increases. Restaurants lose business because of increased prices. That results in less profits and lay offs.

But that doesn’t even address the impact it would have on consumers. An increase in expenses for many people could mean the difference between eating and not eating. That is especially true for the most vulnerable families in the country. Low-income homes struggle to make ends meet even at the best of times; raising the price of food is no solution.

“I feel that this area here is already taxed high enough,” Nick Holland, a voter at Luther Jackson Middle School in the Merrifield precinct, said after casting his ballot on Tuesday. “[The cost of living] is one of the highest in the country…so I think adding to it again is just going to hurt businesses and people.”

It’s typical for left-leaning lawmakers to punish local businesses and families to push their agenda. The tax hikes put money into bureaucratic systems’ pockets, not in the pockets of everyday Americans. If we wish for our country to succeed, we need to reduce government spending, decrease the size of government, and eliminate burdensome and unnecessary taxes.

This time around, voters had the upper hand. It was a victory of all lovers of liberty. But there will be more battles to come. We must spread the word and encourage more Americans to support our cause.