Sen. Don Huffines Promises an End to Red-Light Cameras

Most liberty-minded Americans hate government oversight. More and more local communities have turned into Nanny states. Bureaucrats and politicians want to police your every move. From what you drink to how you drive, government oversight has gone out of control.

Perhaps one of the most abusive practices is the use of red light cameras. These devices have been implemented across the country. Governments claim they help keep the roads safe. But a lack of accountability has led to cities violating state law. And taking cash out of your pocket!

They use red light cameras to hit drivers with heavy fines. Instead of allowing police to keep our roads safe, they spy on every American. Often the fines are not in line with state traffic laws. Not to mention many cities have been caught violating state regulations to use them.

This situation has created a loophole, where local government can scam drivers. But if one lawmaker has his way, it will be a thing of the past.

From KXAN:

Senator Don Huffines, a Republican, promised to file new legislation to ban Texas cities from using red light cameras to assess a civil fine in lieu of the state’s criminal traffic charge for running a red light.

The first-term senator said it’s time for voters and state lawmakers to act, “The citizens of these cities need to speak up. They need to go to the polls and vote their conscience about how these cities, these bureaucrats that care more about the money — this is about following the money,” Huffines said.

“I’m going to pull the plug on all the cameras. And, that’s my goal — is to get rid of the cameras statewide and we’re going to turn off the cameras once and for all,” Huffines told KXAN.

Sen. Huffines draws a line between red light cameras and government abuse. They are an attempt by local politicians to usurp the authority of police officers. The accountability and respect of an officer are replaced by a Big Brother-style surveillance systems. How un-American can you get?

From Huffines’ Press Release:

The KXAN-TV investigative report found that out of 49 responsive cities that have red light cameras, only three have conducted proper engineering studies as required by state law. The KXAN-TV report also found that “TxDOT records that show 29 of the 59 red light camera cities have not consistently submitted annual reports” on annual crash data for every intersection with a red light camera, which is also required by state law…

Senator Huffines concluded, “Red light cameras are unpopular, unsafe, and unjust. Texans accused of running a red light deserve the respect and discretion of a uniformed police officer who can incorporate all the needed information pertaining to an alleged violation. The safety of Texas drivers is of the utmost importance, and red light cameras are not the solution to making our roads safer. It’s past time to turn off every red light camera in Texas.”

If we let them, government will run amuck. They will use any excuse to deprive us of our personal liberties. Imagine bureaucrats taking advantage of drivers, claiming to keep roads safe. Yet these local governments did not even follow state law. They did not follow safety regulations. Nor did they conduct required engineering studies.

What else can we conclude, except this was a ruse to scam citizens? This will continue to happen, time and again, if we let it. Americans, from coast to coast, must stand up for their rights. Politicians will always look for ways to abuse their power. They will find opportunities to bilk us out of our hard-earned money.

Thankfully, Sen. Huffines is one of a few lawmakers fighting back. Leaders like him need our support. Hopefully soon, red light cameras will at least be removed from Texas.

Source: KXAN/Sen. Don Huffines