SB 193: Empowering Parents to Make the Best Educational Choices

At Liberty for All, we believe it is a noble cause to educate the next generation. Education promotes innovation and growth in the future of our nation, but it can only do this if children are actually learning. And when we look at the results of the American public education system today it becomes abundantly clear that a one-size-fits-all standardized way of teaching does not serve the best interests of our students.

A guy sitting behind a desk in Washington D.C. has no way of knowing what style of learning would benefit each of the children graduating from Kindergarten to 1st Grade at your local school district this year—much less each of the roughly 50+ million children enrolled in public schools across America today. Federal bureaucracy is not a good option for quality control in education, but parents are. They know when their child is learning at their highest potential (and when they’re not!) and, as a general rule, can make the best decisions to help set them on the path to success.

Currently moving through the New Hampshire Legislature is SB 193 which would empower parents to make the best educational choice for their child, without fear of being unable to afford it. Education is best handled at the local and state level, and SB 193 is a big step in the right direction.

The long time argument for school choice posits that simply bringing competition into the education system, by allowing parents to choose where the funding for their child’s education will go, will raise the quality of education across the board for all students.

New Hampshire’s new Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut said “We want to make sure that our public education systems are not only one of the choices for parents when they’re making educational decisions for their students, but how about one of the best opportunities for them.”

Currently public schools have no incentive to give parents a reason to keep their children enrolled, since most families do not have the financial luxury of choosing any but the one free education option available to them. If we are honest in our desire to help our students this needs to change. Getting government out of the business of telling parents how best to raise their children with regard to education will go a long way in restoring the liberty our great nation was founded upon.

This is why at Liberty for All we are dedicated to supporting candidates and elected officials like Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Luke Messer and Senator Ted Cruz who support school Choice around America!


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