Republican Stalwart Comes Out Against Crony Capitalism

Former Reagan staffer and Republican stalwart Peggy Noonan joined the fight against corporate handouts and the unprecedented transference of wealth from taxpayers to big banks in today’s Wall Street Journal. Too big to fail just doesn’t make sense to the American people.

“You think you’d lose everything to be brave and back policy you know is right. In the long run you’d lose nothing and could have much to gain. Look to your funding from what used to be called Main Street and doesn’t have a name anymore.” Noonan’s principled approach is something others should echo.

Similarly, Toby Harden’s editorial calls on the GOP to embrace Rand Paul’s calls for a “New populist libertarianism.”  The Tea Party and The Occupy Wall Street movements were born of the same everyday angst – the willingness of Washington bureaucrats to place Wall Street ahead of Main Street.