Liberty For All’s Presence in New England Results in Legislative Gains

Last week New Hampshire and Maine legislatures moved closer to Constitutional Carry policies.

Liberty For All is excited to celebrate a huge win last week in Maine. Thanks in large part to Liberty For All endorsed and supported Sen. Eric Brakey’s steadfast leadership on LD 652 which was signed into law Wednesday July 8th by Maine Gov. Paul LePage.

Liberty For All is encouraged that Maine will now allow residents to carry a concealed handgun without obtaining a permit. Permits are often a burden to responsible gun owners, and do little to prevent criminals from carrying firearms.

maineSenator Eric Brakey watches as Governor LePage signs constitutional carry into law. Photo by Jason Savage.

Brakey says that Maine has a strong bipartisan tradition of supporting the Second Amendment. “It’s not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue, it’s something that works for the state of Maine.”

Brakey’s LD 652 allows a person not prohibited from possessing a gun by federal or state law to also carry a concealed handgun without needing to get a permit first, the bill also allows for a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle, which is currently against the law.

In New Hampshire, pro-gun legislation passed in both the NH State House and NH State Senate but faced the threat of a veto from Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan.

The New Hampshire proposal introduced by Republican Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley would have kept the conceal carry permit system in place as it has been since 1923. The bill would have also clarified that those permits do not prohibit transport or carry of a concealed pistol in one’s car or one’s person if the carrier is legally able to have a firearm.

Liberty For All’s presence moved New Hampshire closer than ever to passing two important gun rights initiatives in the Live Free or Die State but were ultimatley derailed by a Democratic Governor. Liberty For All’s impact on getting pro-gun legislation passed through both the NH State House and Senate represent a huge win for the liberty movement.

Liberty For All’s presence in these two critical states produced tangible victories moving Mane and New Hampshire closer towards liberty, but our work is still not complete. In order to fund Liberty For All’s efforts make your most generous donation today.

To continue our success, we must remain committed to the New England area to continue to build on our legislative gains. Liberty For All staff is dedicated to working around the clock to enact liberty throughout state level legislatures which as we have seen increase freedom and opportunity for individuals and influence policy in other states. To support our efforts and continue the victories for liberty make your most generous contribution today.