Dallas Voted Best City for Jobs Two Years in a Row. Here’s Why.

Thinking of a change in scenery? Maybe you want to move to a city that is bursting with economic potential? According to the number-crunchers at Forbes, there is only one city in America you should look at: Dallas, TX.

For two years in a row, the website has picked D-Town as the best city for economic growth and opportunity. Dallas enjoyed 2.8% job growth last year, 19.6% since 2012 and an impressive 25.6% since 2006. This, even when other regions in the country suffered economic slowdowns, declining industries, and jobs shipped overseas.

However, the Dallas area has enjoyed an ongoing boom in recent years. You don’t have to look far to see the incredible growth being seen in areas like Dallas and Fort Worth. Businesses are hiring people at a record pace. Homes are being built everywhere. Americans are fleeing declining regions, from all corners of the country, to set down roots in Texas.

There’s a pretty good reason why. State senators like Don Huffines have been working fiercely to keep Texas a free, prosperous state. Huffines considers himself a watchdog for taxpayers and it seems his intrepid work to keep taxes low is paying off in a big way.

You see, heavy taxation is death to a region. Yet all across America, we see hard-left politicians driving prosperity into the ground. Bloated, rampant government kills American success. Our country can only thrive when people are free to pursue their dreams. That includes the next generation of entrepreneurs who need the freedom to take risks and start businesses.

But with strict regulation from Democrats, coupled with massive taxes on everything from payroll to property, future CEO’s cannot even get off the ground. That’s not to mention existing businesses—large and small—that are retracting thanks to government run amuck.

Companies saddled with heavy taxes and government do’s and don’ts cannot invest where it counts: in their people. They aren’t able to expand their businesses, offering new and better products and services. That also means they can’t hire new staff, or give their existing employees raises or promotions. In fact, heavy taxation leads to many companies going out of business.

We are seeing that in deeply-liberal places like California. Heavy taxation is driving businesses from the state. On top of that, the big-government-loving Democrats in that state hit companies with all kinds of crazy demands. A minimum wage hike has forced hundreds of small businesses to close across the state, especially in cities like San Francisco and San Diego. After all, how can a company keep making profits, if the government sucks it all away?

Dallas is enjoying a booming prosperity because conservative-minded leaders know the right thing to do. That is, get out of the way and let the people succeed. Liberty-minded leaders aren’t interested in controlling our businesses, livelihoods, or lives. They know the big secret to the American dream: let the people be their best.

This is a lesson for the rest of our country. Less government and less control equals a thriving and prosperous country. Dropping taxes is the key to seeing jobs come back, wages rise, and businesses grow.

Or, liberals can continue to drive our prosperity into the ground. I know what I prefer.