Congressman Amash introduces the Readable Legislation Act

Rep. Justin Amash thinks bills should be readable, easier to understand and so that members of congress and the public can digest often complex legislation. Earlier this week, Amash introduced H.R. 760 the Readable Legislation Act. The bill follows in line with the Congressman’s strong history of transparency. 

Bills are often peppered with cross-references to other laws, statutes, amendments, and complication sections of U.S code. Laws can be subject to change just because they happened to be referenced in a bill without any explanation.

“No Act shall be revised or amended by mere reference to it. Every bill or joint resolution which amends an existing section, subsection, or other subdivision of any Act shall set forth the section, subsection, or other subdivision sufficiently to enable the intent and effect of the bill or joint resolution to be clearly understood.” To read all of H.R. 760 click here.

Rep. Amash is quickly building a reputation for transparency during his short time on the Hill, he’s already passed a similar initiative which applies to rule changes both of which make the legislative process a little more accessible and understandable to both taxpayers and members of Congress.