Civil Liberties Win as Mike Rogers (MI-8) Announces Retirement

Co-Author of the anti-civil liberties bill the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) announced his retirement from Congress last week. Rogers, the chairman of the Intelligence Committee will join talk radio. A former FBI agent, Rogers has served in Congress for the last 14 years.

One of Rogers’ signature pieces of legislation – CISPA – violates the Fourth Amendment rights of U.S. Citizens, shields companies from legal liability for spying, and will be misused for a variety of uses that have nothing to do with security threats to our nation. Recent NSA scandals, such as the PRISM program and the bulk collection of data have continued to reveal the lack of accountability at U.S. intelligence agencies but Rep. Rogers has continued to defend these programs. Through CISPA and similar legislation, he has even sought to legitimize these practices.

His retirement is a good thing for the rights of all Americans and will open up the possibility of real intelligence reform, such as passage of the USA Freedom Act. To read more about his retirement, click here. To see how your representative voted on CISPA, click here.