About Us

“Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

Ronald Reagan

Our Mission

Liberty For All, Inc. is a non-profit social welfare organization dedicated to the development of and advocacy for legislation and government programs that promote and sustain social and economic freedoms, advance a free society, and promote the enactment of limited and local government. In support of this mission, Liberty For All conducts research, educates the public, engages in issue advocacy, and scores the positions of elected officials concerning these issues.

While many groups and polls describe what the next generation believes, few have attempted to understand what the next generation cares about and what motivates them to get involved. By researching this question Liberty For All will insure that our advocacy and platforms are amongst the most effective and future-oriented in the nation. By combining the strategic selection of future battlegrounds in the fight of ideas with an exciting and targeted platform we can reach out to people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs and to make a real impact at the local level all across America.

On top of our issue awareness campaigns and the legislative scorecard, we are working with youth and student groups to build a series of a high profile conversations with elected leaders, activists, and up and comers about how to grow the movement while presenting its brightest stars on the big stage. Using these methods Liberty For All will match the previous successes of its sister organization in a new arena.  

Our Story

Originally founded as a SuperPac, Liberty For All was founded to recruit and elect pro-liberty candidates all around the country. Liberty For All played a major role in numerous elections in the 2012 cycle by winning over 90% of its elections and never losing a federal race.

In 2013, John Ramsey, Liberty For All’s founder, realized that only winning one race at a time will not defeat the combined interests of big-government, big-labor, and those who would continue to lead this nation astray from its core principles. Liberty For All superpac now exists as Liberty For All Action Fund and continues to grow the Liberty caucus and to build the bench in down ballot races all across the country. Liberty For All, Inc., it’s sister organization, was founded to fight for Liberty on another front. By performing cutting edge research, working with think tanks and student groups, and advocating for a policy platform that will engage and motivate the next generation Liberty For All will help lay the groundwork so the free market can continue to thrive.

Highlighting the core ideals of limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility, we interact directly with the American people and take their message to Congress. We also turn the spotlight on those who won’t fight for freedom by showing the world the legislators and policies that stand for Liberty as well as those that stand in the way.

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