“Be the change you wish to see”

Mahatma Gandhi

Liberty For All’s staff is dedicated to serving as agents of change, not just through our organization, but also through our daily lives. In addition to our involvement with Liberty For All, every one of our staff serves as an active member of their community and donates their time to a variety of local causes and charitable organizations.John Image_040114v01

John Ramsey — Founder, Chairman

John Ramsey is an angel investor and venture capitalist from Austin, Texas. He is motivated by the belief that America can still be a leader in entrepreneurship and pioneers in all fields. He got into activism after his businesses were attacked by hostile bureaucrats and chummy lobbyists who want to defend the status quo.

Though his background is more closely associated with angel investing and start-up ventures instead of politics, he discovered an investment he really liked: building a national, pro-liberty grassroots organization to stand up to Washington DC insiders.

Liberty For All was birthed with the belief that our best days lie ahead; that greater wealth, peace, and is destiny of us and for us all.

After many years of mentorship under his grandfather’s wing, along with a growing distaste for the insider dominated financial markets, John found his passion in value adding, small business ventures. With time and after becoming frustrated with the growing number of difficulties faced by small business owners, John became fascinated by entrepreneurship and innovation.

With ventures in technology, oil and gas, agriculture, real estate, education, consumer products and entertainment, John now spends most of his time empowering disruptive entrepreneurs with his investment firm; Seedcess Investment Group.  The name “Seedcess” was derived from John’s philosophical approach to investing, which is consistent with Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous quote: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Along with his investment and political activity, John is involved in various charitable and non-profit organizations, all of which are designed to promote liberty, freedom, peace and prosperity. 

Aaron Price, Interim Executive Director

As the interim executive director, Aaron focuses on operations and project management while also overseeing the growth of the organization and tending to its legal needs. Specializing in communications and political philosophy, Aaron is a 2008 graduate of the University of Louisville. He is also a 2011 graduate of the University of Louisville School of Law, graduating magna cum laude and in the top 10% of his class. While at law school he received seven book awards for top grades in his class, was a recipient of the District Judge’s Award for Client Advocacy and the Professional Responsibility Award.

As a criminal defense attorney and former public defender, Aaron has seen firsthand the growing surveillance state and the horrors of the failed war on drugs. Appalled at the human cost of ripping apart families, the growing budgetary cost of constant imprisonment, and the rise of the surveillance state, Aaron decided to get more involved in the fight for liberty.

A constant advocate for civil liberties and local government, Aaron still represents criminal defendants and underdogs against big business and big government in his daily law practice at home in Louisville, Kentucky. He has served as one of the Governor’s appointees on the Council on Postsecondary Education, on the executive committee of the Kentucky Bar Association Young Lawyer’s Division, and currently serves as a member of the Kentucky Justice Association Board Of Governors.

Bill Henderson, Director of Media

As the director of media, Bill oversees all of Liberty For All’s media efforts, from the website to video or print materials, his handiwork touches all aspects of our organization.

Bill is a video maker, graphic designer, website creator & lover of media. While video is his biggest passion, he’s truly become a well-rounded media manager. Comfortable working with a budget and limited resources, Bill always makes the most of what he has and always makes it happen. He’s been both a “Chief” and an “Indian” and always has a backup plan. Bill’s main goal when working on a team is to make it better in any way possible.

A graduate of the University of Louisville with a degree in Communication & Media Production, he has spent many years working with churches and non-profit organizations, catering to their media and technology demands. He is a new father and lives in Louisville, KY with his three favorite girls– his wife, Tinki, daughter, Amelia, and cat Jules.

Jared Chicoine, Special Adviser

Jared Chicoine has spent the last 14 years working in New Hampshire Republican politics. He currently serves as the interim executive director of Liberty For All’s sister organization, Liberty For All Action Fund. Prior to his current position, he most recently served as the state campaign director for  GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, for whom he spearheaded a sophisticated statewide outreach program that helped to triple Dr. Paul’s 2008 results, landing him in second place with 24% of the vote.

Jared has worked in all capacities and has run successful grassroots campaigns across the state. Former clients include U.S. Senators Bob Smith and John Sununu, State Senators Jeanie Forrester and Jim Forsythe, and New England Citizens for Right Work. .

Jared resides in Haverhill, NH with his wife Kim and their two daughters.