Section 215: Security or Unconstitutional Spying?

“For the sake of National Security” has been a common refrain from Government officials and certain members of the political elite as a way to erode everyday American’s right to privacy. However, the further we move away from the time in which the Patriot Act was so quickly passed (9/11/2001) it seems that as a nation we’re reexamining the difference between bad policy and Unconstitutional spying.

Section 215 of the Patriot Act is set to expire in June of 2015. Essentially, Section 215 is one of the worst sections of the Patriot Act written with such broad wording that allows the U.S government to require businesses to hand over “any tangible things” so long as it is to “protect against international terrorism” and has resulted in the Government snapping up millions of innocent people’s phone records.

Now is the time for reform. Comedian John Oliver recently made a brilliant video outlining Government Surveillance. 

A powerful unchecked Government with the ability to gather so much data is a scary thought. Reviewing the Patriot Act and standing up for civil liberties has never been so important.

(FILE PHOTO) Samsung Overtakes Apple As Leading Smart-Phone Supplier


BREAKING UPDATE: Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell moves forward with Patriot Act Reauthorization. Read more at

One Size Doesn’t Fit All – The Problem With Common Core

People are different. From our every day experiences to our learning styles, we don’t all process information in the same way. What works for some students and some children, doesn’t work for others. It’s easy for everyone to account for differences in “how” we learn – but what about “what” we learn? Millennials already know what the future holds – Twitter, text messages, selfies, blogs, vine, and Youtube are just the beginning. We are embarking on a profound future highlighted by self-expression and individuality.

Common core standards and the underlying idea that all students all over America should be taught the exact same information are a step backward. What makes us unique is what makes us interesting. Our individual ideas, backgrounds, and contributions are a byproduct of diversity. Common core seeks conformity – it is a one-size fits all approach to education. It takes parents out of the equation. It treats children like robots and assumes that all we need are the right “inputs” to prosper.


To make matters worse – it won’t even improve overall educational outcomes. There are few things The Brookings Institution and The Heritage Foundation agree on, but they do here. After a comprehensive study, Brookings determined that common core will have “little to no effect on student achievement.” Similarly, Heritage has noted that the failure to account for difference ... continue reading »

Civil Liberties Win as Mike Rogers (MI-8) Announces Retirement

Co-Author of the anti-civil liberties bill the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) announced his retirement from Congress last week. Rogers, the chairman of the Intelligence Committee will join talk radio. A former FBI agent, Rogers has served in Congress for the last 14 years.

One of Rogers’ signature pieces of legislation – CISPA – violates the Fourth Amendment rights of U.S. Citizens, shields companies from legal liability for spying, and will be misused for a variety of uses that have nothing to do with security threats to our nation. Recent NSA scandals, such as the PRISM program and the bulk collection of data have continued to reveal the lack of accountability at U.S. intelligence agencies but Rep. Rogers has continued to defend these programs. Through CISPA and similar legislation, he has even sought to legitimize these practices.

His retirement is a good thing for the rights of all Americans and will open up the possibility of real intelligence reform, such as passage of the USA Freedom Act. To read more about his retirement, click here. To see how your representative voted on CISPA, click here.


Support CT Gun Owners

We are rising to defend the gun owners in CT.

*We are raising money to ensure that we will have the best legal minds available to defend Connecticut gun owners should the state attempt confiscation.

*We are collecting signatures from thousands of angry American citizens to bring directly to the Connecticut legislature and let them know, “Hands off. No means No.”

*We are also raising money to publicize our combined efforts and to use our media contacts and weight as a national organization to make sure the potential of confiscation gets the media attention it deserves. This will demonstrate to the Connecticut legislature that gun owners and organizations across the nation are watching their every move.

Please support liberty by signing the petition and contributing to help CT gun owners! Share with your friends and family. Let’s remove the cancer in Connecticut before it spreads to other states. Lets show these tyrants that we mean business!


Breaking Down the Scorecard: The Liberty 18

One of the benefits of the Liberty Scorecard is that you can see, for the first time in a single scorecard, the breakdown of the two-party system and the reality that we are engaged in a struggle for liberty against authoritarians, cronies, and hawks. Out of 435 members in the U.S. House of Representatives, only 18 Representatives scored 70 or above.  Only 18 representatives are willing to stand up for peace, prosperity, limited and local government, civil liberties, fiscal responsibility, and sound monetary policy, at least most of the time. Only 79 additional representatives scored above 50. Only 79 additional representatives vote for liberty more often than they vote against it. Over 75% of the U.S. House of Representatives does not represent the cumulative interests of the American people even half of the time.


Stand With Connecticut Gun Owners!

“They tell us that we are weak – unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be when we are totally disarmed . . . Three million people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us .  . . The battle sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.”  – Patrick Henry

Oh how far we have fallen. The Connecticut government is moving forward with their plan to infringe on the rights of their citizens and to unconstitutionally confiscate the guns of Connecticut gun owners. Not only is this an infringement upon the liberty of the American people, but it is especially disappointing to see the slide towards tyranny in a state that has a long tradition of gun ownership.

Mike Lawlor, the state’s top official in criminal justice, has stated that letters will be sent to residents regarding confiscation. While awaiting public confirmation by the Connecticut State Police or the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, this copy of the letter was leaked to the internet. There it is. Tyranny in black and white.


In 1636 Connecticut drafted what is believed to be the first constitution in America.  That same year a 1636 Connecticut law required every militiaman to have two ... continue reading »

The 2013 Liberty For All Scorecard Is Here!

Liberty For All is proud to announce the release of the first ever Liberty scorecard. By combining votes on civil liberties, non-intervention, personal freedom, government spending, and monetary policy we are able to provide a more accurate measure of who supports a liberty agenda. Other scorecards out there may only track one of these areas at a time so until now, we’ve never been able to get a complete picture of our allies (and enemies) up on the hill.

By penalizing Congress for bad votes and rewarding them for both good votes and co-sponsoring pro-liberty legislation they will be more accountable to their constituents as well as the nation. We will make sure every member of Congress knows we are watching their votes. With your help, we can bring an end to the days of saying one thing and voting another.

The Two-Party Illusion

It’s tough to tell the difference between the Bush and Obama presidencies. Both like executive powers. Both believe in using taxpayer money to police the world. Neither protects civil rights and support taking away individual liberties. Both doubled the money supply and ran large debts.

You can see BuzzFeed Editor, Benny Johnson, has a lighter comparison of Bush and Obama…

Two-Party Illusion

America can do better.  Sign up today if you agree!

The American Precipice


The night is dark in America.

The real unemployment rate is near 25%. The US dollar is at 100-year low point of value. Offshore corporations aren’t accountable to American voters. Our government is spreading violence abroad and using taxpayer dollars at home to spy on us.

And our means for political action are thwarted. The Democratic and Republican Parties are not run by artists, entrepreneurs, farmers, and public servants. The process is controlled by the Banking and Energy lobby, and power fiends in DC.

America has been uprooted and her future is in jeopardy.  Liberty For All responds to these unprecedented challenges organizing the millions of disaffected with simple messages, obvious solutions, and self-evident truths.

The night is always darkest before the dawn. Please take action and join us take back our country!

Big Government and Big Banks climb into bed together yet again

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York entered into a secret agreement with the Bank of America back in July 2012, according to the New York Times latest report. According to documents recently produced as part of a California lawsuit, it became clear that the New York Fed released Bank of America from all fraud claims on mortgage securities the Fed had bought as part of the government’s bailout of AIG in 2008.

Fresh on the heels of Too Big to Jail it is now evident that it wasn’t just Big Banks that profited from the mass fraud in 2008. As billions, if not trillions, of dollars were transferred from ordinary Americans to banks that conveniently turned a blind eye, the government couldn’t help be get in on the profiteering and crony capitalism.

AIG is now suing Bank of America for nearly $7 billion worth of losses it sustained due to allegedly fraudulent securities from Bank of America’s Countrywide unit. According to the terms of the agreement, however, Bank of America paid $43 million to the New York Fed in exchange for a release from litigation on various securities as well as an agreement to testify on behalf of Bank of America against A.I.G.

The financial sector is the largest source of campaign contributions to federal candidates and political parties. From 2009 to 2010 the Center for Responsive Politics noted that the financial services sector has dispatched nearly 1,500 “revolving door” lobbyists alone.


continue reading »