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Tax Reform by Brakey

There has always been an ongoing struggle between big government and big business. Often it is the American citizen that gets caught in the crossfire.

While we love to see businesses thrive, often the most powerful corporations in America create an uneven playing field that only benefits themselves. The virtues of a free market are compromised as lobbyists sway our lawmakers into creating policy that only helps a few.

If we are to succeed economically in the 21st Century, all businesses must have the opportunity to thrive. That means eliminating outrageous tax breaks that only help a certain segment of private business. Ensuring that all companies—big and small—are paying a fair tax can ensure healthy growth, jobs, and a stronger economic future.

That’s exactly what Eric Brakey hopes to achieve in Maine with his proposed bill.

A Republican state lawmaker says he wants to get rid of what he calls corporate welfare – dozens of tax breaks targeted to help specific industries…

Sen. Eric Brakey, R-Auburn, said his bill would eliminate an array of 47 state tax credits or exemptions for corporations in a range of industries and would result in as much as $225 million a year in additional tax revenue for the state budget. Brakey said ending the benefits would give the state the resources it needs to entirely eliminate its corporate income tax. (Portland Press Herald)

Now the elimination of tax breaks for businesses might seem counter to Libertarian goals, but it will enable Maine to ... continue reading »

Rep. Massie Calls for the Abolition of the Department of Education

Ronald Reagan once said, “education is the principal responsibility of local school systems, teachers, parents, citizen boards, and State governments. By eliminating the Department of Education … we cannot only reduce the budget but ensure that local needs and preferences, rather than the wishes of Washington, determine the education of our children.”

Yet despite his wise words, the federally-controlled Department of Education has continued to control our schools with an icy grip. The freedom of parents to choose what kind of education their children receive has been denied them. Parents have virtually no say in where their kids can go to school and even less say in the kind of curriculum to which they are subjected.

This poses a serious problem to parents who are concerned over what is being taught to their children. In this day and age all sorts of topics are taught in classes, from evolution to LGBT issues. Many parents don’t want these ideas presented to their young children, often because they contradict their beliefs and traditions. Yet the government forces these ideas, without a parent’s say.

Not only that, but many children growing up in the inner city are denied options. Parents struggling to make ends meet cannot afford to put their kids in private schools. The end result is children are forced to attend overcrowded, under staffed, and unaccountable public schools. Education is put on the back burner in such places. Children that could otherwise thrive in academic environments will never know what it’s ... continue reading »

Maine Legalizes Recreational Use of Marijuana

Maine witnessed the advancement of liberty when voters said “yes” to ballot Question 1, paving the way for legal recreational use of marijuana. Adults 21 and over can now posses (though it’s still illegal to sell marijuana at this time) two and a half ounces of marijuana to be used in nonpublic spaces or private residences.

With only 3,995 making the difference, Maine residents in support of legalizing cannabis use won, with a margin of 50.3%. Even after a recount, that vote was confirmed. Adults over 21 can purchase marijuana from social clubs or retail dispensaries. Full retail sales have been delayed until February 2018, but this victory will send a powerful message to the rest of the country. Our criminal justice system has been overburdened, due to the heavy demands of policing drug infractions. Cops are required to arrest and process citizens over virtually insignificant counts of possession. Young men and women are thrown into the system for a harmless act. This takes time away from law enforcement in pursuing truly life-threatening criminal activity. As police and law enforcement are busy busting young adults with small amounts of marijuana, violent criminals flood our streets. Gangs, organized crime, and the rising toll of domestic abuse goes unanswered, thanks to outdated laws that punish everyday citizens. Can any American with a conscience really ignore these realities?

With the victory of Question 1, Maine police will be free to protect citizens from real threats. Valuable resources and man hours that were once ... continue reading »